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Follow these tips to create your video to submit through the website. Remember, keep it simple and feel free to use your cell phone to create your video. It needs to be between 2-5 minutes.

What is your dream for your future? Is it to become the next Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey or is to find a cure for some disease? Is it building a business, a nonprofit or impacting the lives of others? Imagine your future, and then talk about it in your video. When you talk about your dream:
  • Be clear
  • Be specific
  • Be compelling

Once you’ve shared your dream, talk about how you hope to get there. Be original in your thinking. Say you want to be a veterinarian: How do you plan to become one other than getting the proper education? Could you help animals now? Could you use your writing, chemistry or other skills to put you one step closer to making your dream come true? When you share your plan for your dream.
  • Be specific
  • Think “outside the box”

There are many ways to share your dream in a video. Even if you’re not a singer, dancer or other performer, consider other creative ways to illustrate your commitment to your dream. Just to share a few examples, you could:
  • Interview others
  • Perform a comedy skit or read a poem you wrote
  • Illustrate how you are making your dream come true today, perhaps by showing a class or community service project. Sing or perform your dream.
  • Go for it!

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