Today’s teens want to reach their dreams, but they need our help. We created the Dare2Dream challenge as a way to inspire them to begin to think about their future and how they plan to get there. In the process, we hope it will be a fun exercise for building their communication and thinking skills.

iPad 2

Trip to Hollywood for 2

Lunch and Video Taping with Glee’s Iqbal Theba

One Year of SuperFutures Coaching

Other Great Prizes!

10 Finalists will receive an iPad2, SuperFutures coaching and more.

Ask the class: How many of you have some idea of what you might want to be when you grow up?

How are events going on in the world today shaping your dreams and goals?

If “no” – No? No idea at all? Do you still have some dreams? What might you like to achieve in the world? Ever thought of that?

If “yes,” – have you thought about how you might reach your dream? What actions might you take to get there?

Dare2Dream Challenge – We have a fun nationwide competition that I want you all to participate in.

How many of you watch Glee or have heard of the popular show? You’ve heard of the famous Principal Figgins, right? Actually, his name is Iqbal Theba and he is the Honorary Principal of SuperFutures and the person bringing us the Dare2Dream challenge and a chance to win
  • iPad 2
  • A trip for two to Hollywood to meet with Glee’s Principal Figgins
  • And More!

Let’s hear what Iqbal has to say to teens: Play video by Iqbal: How I found my passion

My goal as your teacher and coach is to help you succeed in the real world and a great way to do that is to get you all to define your dreams for your future. What better way than this competition. So…

Login to:

Step 1. Set up an account.

Step 2. Share your dream in a video. You can participate individually or as a group although one prize will be offered per submission, whether as a group or individual.

  • Over the next two weeks I want you to:
  • Define your dream – what are your future career goals and dreams?
  • How will you get there?
  • Communicate your dream in a video in a unique and creative way?

Step 3. Visit and video reply to "Iqbal's Dare2Dream".

Step 4. Share your video with your family and friends.


SuperFuture's Dare2Dream Competition 2011
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